By Word HR delivers accurate and precise profiles, keeping in mind the exact requirement of the client. Our extensive experience of working in banking sector, gives us an edge over other consultants, who can understand the requirements of clients only at a superficial level.

Relationship with Candidates

Not only the client, but also the candidates trusts us for the correct shaping of their career. It helps us in building the networking with the talent across various organizations of the vertical, to create a tremendous database of candidates, further helping meeting the hiring needs efficiently.

Delivering within defined timelines

We understand the urgency of hiring since the lack of resourceful talent is a hindrance in the organizational functioning. We keep the database of candidates ready with us, for a situation, where the requirement of the client is urgent and, needs to be immediately catered to. This helps us fulfill the talent requirement in time, minimizing the pressure of the client in regards to the organization’s hiring gaps.

Domain Expertise

Unless someone is not equipped with the knowledge and market standards of the particular domain they are working for, they can never understand the exact requirement and fitment needed by the organisation. Thus, domain expertise always helps in delivering the quality. By Word HR has the expertise over various domains which are frequently required by the clients.

Social Media Recruitment

We recruit candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising. For social recruiting we use social media profiles, blogs, and other internet sites to find information on candidates & for crowdsourcing, where job seekers and others share job openings within their online social networks. From LinkedIn to Facebook, social networks have become ubiquitous and, we are swift in mining their potential to connect job seekers and job holders.

Dedicated point of Contact for Clients

An organization functions on various levels. Amidst all the pressure and in the times of multitasking, we make it easy for our clients to connect with us for all their hiring needs, by providing them with a single point of contact, which is capable of understanding the complete requirement from client. The point of contact is also there for further communication, without any gaps, to the team working on that requirement.

Background Verification

By Word HR helps the clients in checking on the selected candidate’s performance and general conduct with present and past organizations, which always helps to get the candidate on board. This is the right method for negating all the risks of costs incurred on the individual.

Assessment Expertise

We are astute in assessment of candidate’s functional skill set, communication skills and cultural fitment for the organization. We assess the candidates on the levels of requirement of the client so that, the precious time and energy of the Hiring Manager and the candidate are not wasted and, only the candidate with 100% fitment is the one who gets hired!

Client Retention

By providing the best quality services and doing regular follow up meetings, we ensure that the client is satisfied; thus, enhancing their trust on us, for all future hiring needs.